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Fibreglass Pools

Junior Swim

Our stand-alone Fibreglass Pools can be used out of the ground.
So, there’s no need to dig or excavate, which is a massive saving of your money and time, as our quality pools will be up and running in a day!!!

• Easy to fill and set up
• Easy to keep clean
• Affordable and simple installation
• Long lasting design and construction
• Ready for use within 1 day
• Ideal pool for above ground family leisure
• Re-Sellable or Transferable from house to house should you move and want to take your pool with you!

Our pools have reinforced sides and rolled tops making it easier to get in and out. Our pools come fully fitted with a standard package of:
2 returns, Skimmer, Filter, Solar Bubble cover and all pipework.

We also provide a Bespoke Service

Where, for an extra cost, the pool can be tailor-made to your requirements.
Where you can choose from a large selection of extras, that can be added to your pool.
Such as: heaters, lights, cladding and winter cover etc. Or upgrade your jets and pumps.

The beauty of this product means that it can be:

• Installed in the ground
• Partly in the ground
• Freestanding (out of the ground)
(Our pools will suit any ground conditions you may have, as it is structurally independent).

We also offer a full or part installation service, and we can help with garden design, terracing or anything else that you may desire.

If you require any further information and advice, please contact our team on 01903 774143 or

We offer a free survey and costing service within a 50 mile radius of our Showroom. Where we can advise on installation and positioning of your pool.

Pool dimensions are: 3.6m x 2.4m x 1m

Prices start from £3,500